Wedding Dance Lessons

If you’re reading this, you are most likely getting married, so let me start off by saying:


Because you’re here, I bet you’re also looking for a little help before taking the dance floor.

Over the last 18 years, I have found most wedding couples feel they suffer from one or more of these issues:

Have a groom who can’t lead and a bride who tries to.
Feel they suffer from “2 Left Feet” or have coordination issues.
Want to do something more than just the “High School Sway”.
Are uncomfortable with the idea of dancing in front of others.
Have no clue what do to and would like some help with direction.

I often find when a couple suffers from two or more of these symptoms, they

Put off taking dance lessons until the last moment
Experience greater stress because of time constraints
Are unable to focus due to last minute concerns with wedding planning.

So, let’s just stop and think for a moment…

What do you want to experience on your wedding day?

Do you want to just “wing it”, while awkwardly fumbling around the floor and having your guests feeling embarrassed for you?

Or would you prefer to be able to walk tall on to the floor feeling confident knowing what you’re going to do ahead of time.

Not only that, imagine seeing your family and friends smile with envy as you move with natural grace as if you were born dancing.

AND can you hear your wedding party call out your names and cheer for you as you twirl into dip and kiss when the dance is over.

Now the good news is, I have a unique system designed to help you achieve the latter. In addition, you will find the dancing will become fun and easy, allowing you to just relax and enjoy the time with your fiancé.

If you’re looking to start dancing in a friendly studio that offers a variety of options and convenient scheduling…

Call now to learn how you can get started: