Our Purpose at Vida Dance Club

At Vida Dance Club our motto is to be “Beginner Friendly, Serious About Fun”. To us this means many different things… Before I explain any further, let’s take a few steps back to understand where this all began…

My wife and I started dancing together 19 years ago when we met in college, after having decided to enroll into a social Ballroom Dance course. We were an instant match and fell in love with each other and dancing. We travelled, competed, taught and just lived dancing 24/7, before moving to Southern California in 2010 to further pursue our competition career and develop our own dance training.

In the process of working for several local studios we never quite felt like things were a right fit. We always felt like there was something missing, an experience or something we personally valued that we couldn’t quite place a finger on…

White Boards

One Thanksgiving Day weekend we sat down and decided to plan on opening our own place. We knew we had to create something different from what was out there and decided to figure it out then and there. We pulled out two white boards, plus a box full of cards, notes and letters we’d received from our students from over the years.

On one board we wrote down negative experiences from our own past, having been in over 50 different studios and ballrooms over the years, we’d experienced a great many things. And we also included the negative stories from our students which they had shared with us.

On the other board, we wrote down our own positive experiences and the many great things our students had shared with us over the years about why they chose to learn from us.

In addition, we also wrote down the positive changes we witnessed occur in people’s lives that was a result from dancing and what we had learned over the years from our teaching experience.

This “positive white board” is from what we based the creation of Vida Dance Club.

What People Want

Now when people start dancing, they are usually looking for one of three things:
1. Confidence to go out and have fun.
2. Romance or the ability to connect with a loved one or someone new.
3. Community and to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

These ideas were also important to us to, after all, we experienced all three of them. So, we knew however we created our dream location, it would have to be able to provide all three ideas.

We also knew it would have to be a friendly and welcoming venue where people could be exposed to the amazing world of Ballroom Dance in a non-threatening and positive environment. After all, we were beginners at one point and still remember what it was like starting out.

In addition to being beginner friendly, we also felt there had a to a greater sense of value. Not just in the quality of instruction, but by the complete experience to our customers. That’s why we decided to call our place a “club” and not a ballroom, academy or studio.

A club is place where you belong. It’s where you get to know others and others get to know you. It becomes your second home from home. That’s what we were looking for and have found it’s what many of our members have been searching for as well.

So now…

If I were to explain what it means to be “Beginner Friendly, Serious About Fun”, it simply means that we’re about welcoming new members with open arms and helping them experience the amazing world of Ballroom Dancing for themselves.

It means we’re about” building meaningful relationships and inspiring positive change” in the lives of those around us. In fact, that’s our mission statement because we know how impactful dancing in a caring community can be.

And it simply means we understand people are looking for more in life that checking a “status update” or accepting to endure “half-lived” lives.

If you’re looking for a place to call your dancing home or where you can experience a greater sense of joy and happiness, I absolutely urge you to give Vida Dance Club a try. You won’t regret it.

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