Beginner Dance Lessons: Introductory Special Offer

Getting Started

Getting started with social dance lessons at Vida Dance Club is easy.  If you’re wanting to prepare for a wedding, go out Salsa dancing, or just be able to comfortably social dance, you’ve found the right place.  Within your first lesson you’ll be having fun moving to music, learning  how to connect with your partner, and exploring a talent for dancing you never even knew you have.


When you learn how to “Dance with Vida!”, you begin a journey to becoming a confident, accomplished dancer with skills that will allow you to expand your social life, enjoy any occasion, impress your friends, and have fun for a lifetime.

Dance Lessons at Vida Dance Club

Sometimes people are unsure about taking dance lessons.  If this is you, let me ask…


Have you ever gone out and ended up sitting on the sidelines wishing you could dance?  Do you and your partner have problems connecting, because you think you have no rhythm, two left feet, or just aren’t sure what to do?


Are you intimidated by the idea of dancing in front of others, because you don’t want to to embarrass yourself?  Or, are hesitant to go to a dance studio, because you don’t know what to expect?


If this sounds familiar, don’t worry, we understand. Most people we help feel this way and are interested in learning how to dance for fun, to enrich their relationships and to experience greater enjoyment during social engagements.


This is why you will immediately feel right at home during your first visit to Vida.  We are a 100% beginner friendly, non-judgmental dance studio that focuses on making learning how to dance fun and easy for anyone who’s interested in the art of social dancing.


If you’re ready to begin and are interested in a super deal to help you get started, simply fill out the form and we’ll be in touch with an Exclusive Intro Offer just for you.

Start Dancing Today!
"Introductory Special"
Expires 11/30/20